T-Shirt Talks: A Discourse On Fashion, Style, and Identity

'T-Shirt Talks' is a series the team at T-Shirt.ca created from a natural curiosity about people in relation to self-expression. Specifically, they wanted to look at how clothing plays a part in creating a personal statement to others about themselves. They wanted to explore how people utilized the external; how combining different pieces of clothing, colours, brands, materials help express their internal selves. No two person's styles are the same; emotions, memories, inspiration from others, and individual experiences are all attributes to what influences their decisions in creating their own personal style.

T-Shirt Talks is created by inviting strangers into their studio to have meaningful conversations about clothes, fashion, identity and of course, t-shirts. Here's the promo video on the series and the first video on the subject of style.

LIke the videos? Head over to T-Shirt.ca's YouTube page and subscribe to their channel as they will be releasing each episode weekly.

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