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Screen Printing

Screen printing uses a blade pushing ink across mesh fabric that has apertures for ink (or dye) to fill in and apply to the garment except in the area blocked by a stencil. The blade causes the screen to touch the garment along a line of contact where the design pushes through the mesh-like fabric. One colour of ink is done at one time so several colours mean more screens will be used to produce a multi-coloured image or design. 

TicTac Screen Print T-shirt

Screen Printing on Cotton & Synthetic Fabric

TicTac (Noise Digital)

This is probably the most familiar type of printing to you. The tictac is two ink colours  (white and green) on a sport grey t-shirt. A great application for promotional garments, retail store products, gift shops, touring merchandise, and more!

Puff (raised) Screen Printing

ESR Arsenal

Puff printing uses an additive to the regular plastisol ink and is activated with heat to cause the ink to foam and rise. This application is great for pastel contrasting colours, vintage crewnecks, and designs with blocks of ink that pop!

Embroidery Sample
Vest Bottom Back Heat Transfer

Vinyl Transfers

Cutting Edge Stone Masonry

Screen printed vinyl transfers are great for products that cannot take a screen print, such as bags, garments with lots of seams, zippers, and pockets, sporting goods, and safety work wear.

Screen Printed Patch

Memphis Blues BBQ House

Screen printed patches can make your fine detailed logo be clear and legible at a small size. This is great for high-colour counts and finer-detailed logos for hats, toques, or garment labels.

Memphis Blues Embroidery
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