Stitchworks Embroidery FAQ’s 

How much does the embroidery cost? 

Embroidery pricing is based on the stitch count (literally every time the needle touches the fabric). A higher stitch count means the design will be on the machines longer and will cost more. Designs with higher stitch counts are typically more complicated, but the size of the design is not necessarily an indication of the stitch count. For example: an intricate design like a crest, even at a small size, will still have a high stitch count.  

How do I find out what the stitch count of my logo or design is? 

We ask to have the logo/design emailed to us at; we will then send it to our digitizer to have the stitch count evaluated. Once we have this from the digitizer we will be able to quote your one-time digitizing set-up fee, plus the cost of your individual embroideries. 

How much will each embroidery cost? 

Embroidery is offered as an added service to a purchase from one of our blank apparel websites. You will need to browse our online catalogues (!catalogues/c229t) and let us know the garment style(s) that you’re interested in. We will also need to know the total quantity you’d like done. Note: the garments do not need to all be the same. As long as the actual embroidery remains the same, you can mix and match between colours and styles as much as you wish. 

Is there a minimum for an embroidery order? 

The minimum is 24 embroideries of the same design at the same size. However if you have placed an order with us in the past and we have your digitized logo on file we can produce smaller runs. 

What is digitizing? 

Digitizing is transferring the logo or design into an embroidery file called a .dst. The .dst file is the only format that the embroidery software and machines can read. This file is quite complicated as it needs to know where the needle goes, what stitch type, which stitch underlay to choose, the colour sequence, where to trim and tie off, etc., etc. The file type is industry specific and you are not able to create this at home without digitizing software.  

Digitizing is a one-time set-up fee so you will only be charged this once per design or logo.  

If you believe you’ve had your logo or design digitized in the past, please let us know.  

Can I see my digitized logo before ordering? 

We do not use digital mock ups for embroidery because they are not accurate. 

Proofs are not provided without the order confirmed and a deposit collected (this can be flexible for repeat customers). Once a quote/estimate is approved you will receive an invoice. We require a fifty percent deposit in order to proceed to proofing. The proofs are sewn out onto twill fabric first. This is to check thread colours and how well the design is sewing. At that time changes and edits can be made. There is no charge for these edits. The ‘sew-out’ must be approved by you before any production is started.  

How long will my order take to be completed? 

Our standard production timeline is 15 – 25 business days after proof approval. Timelines are seasonal and will reflect the volume of the order. Each order is circumstantial so please do not hesitate to email us with any questions. If you have a specific completion deadline, let us know as we always try our best to accommodate. 

Other variables include your location, where the blank garments must ship from, proof edits/changes, stock availability, and communication. The majority of our correspondence is done through email, so if you have a strict due date then please be sure to check your email frequently. 

How does the ordering process work? 

Chances are you were referred to Stitchworks by one of the blank promotional apparel websites that we are linked to on! Before the order process begins, you will need to contact us for a quote (detailed in “How much will each embroidery cost?”). Once the estimate is confirmed we will invoice you and take a 50% deposit. The garments will be ordered and we will start working on the proof (Important note: before we invoice you we will need an exact detailed breakdown of garment styles, colours, sizes and quantities. Once the goods have been ordered, any changes in this breakdown are subject to additional fees and delays). 

Once the proof is approved we will move forward to production, and ship it to you once finished. The remaining balance must be paid upon completion. Repeat orders may not require the initial 50% deposit – it can be paid in full once the order is done. 

What file type and how should I send my logo? 

Unlike screen printing, the image file required to do an embroidery is very flexible. The image must be entirely recreated and programmed into a .dst embroidery file, so we do not require a high resolution image. Please send us the image files that you have and we will let you know if the file is suitable. 

JPEG, PDF, AI, EPS, PNG, PSD and TIFF are all file types that can be accepted.  

What if I don’t have a logo? 

If you are only interested in having lettering embroidered and do not have an image file, that is totally workable! We can work together to determine the size, font and look of the lettering to fit your vision. 

If you have a simple idea for a logo you are welcome to use the design tool on the Stitchworks site. There is a variety of clip art, fonts and design ideas that can be edited and tweaked. 

We do not have Graphic Designers in house and we require the artwork to be provided by you, the customer. But let us know if you are struggling to find a designer and we may have a suggestion for you. 

What if I already have my .dst? 

We are able to quote you using your own .dst; we just need to see the file and quote based on the stitch count that your .dst file is. If we foresee there being an issue with your .dst we will let you know. Providing your own .dst file means you will not have to pay the initial digitizing fee, but it will not affect the run charge.

Watch our FAQ video with Amy and Hayley