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Top Hat Picks: Embroidery


We always enjoy working with the classic "dad hat" for embroidery jobs as this particular style brings so many options to our customers. It comes in over 20 different colours and has an adjustable closure fitting a variety of head shapes. Not to meniton, there are youth and kids sizes available.


Easily one of the best-selling items on, we love to promote this pom-pom toque for its luxurious look and feel. Its cuff is constructed with a half cardigan, double layer knit which makes it ideal for patching and embroidery.


The Acrylic Cuff toque is always a requested custom item that we have with our customers and the B5810 from is one of our go-to's. It's got a really great shape with a rib knit perfect for embroidery application. Since it is cuffed, the back of the application doesn't sit on the skin causing any irritation because it is protected by the second layer.


Saved the best for last - The 5810M is hands down one of our favourite caps to work with for several reasons. It's constructed with 5 panels in which the seam stops right before the front surface needed for embroidery application. It is also Buckram laminated allowing the front of the hat to stand up and provide the stiffness needed for custom stitching and embroidery.

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