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Digital Printing 101

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1) What is a digital print?

Direct to Garment Digital (DTG) printing is a print process for your design to be directly printed onto the surface of a garment. Think of it as similar to the printer you might have at home, but instead of paper, you're using a t-shirt!

2) When is it best to choose digital printing over screen printing?

Digital printing is best for designs with high amounts colour and fine detail, like a photograph. Artwork with lots of shading detail or an gradient colour effect often work best using the DTG process. So even a black and white photograph would be printed using our printers DTG machines.

3) What products are best used to digital print on?

Because the ink is water-based and made to adhere to cotton fabric so it is best to use more natural fabrics, the more cotton the better! However, the technology has advanced significantly and can work perfectly well on synthetics like polyester.

Did we miss something? Are you considering getting digital printing done? Contact for any other inquiries or for a quote!

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