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Multicolored Spools of Thread


Embroidery is the application that decorates garments using an industrial machine with needles, and spools of thread, made of Rayon. Embroidery machines use what is called a Digitized file of your logo to embroider your artwork permanently onto the product.


Hats and Knitted Toques

Trimpac Meat Co.

Picking a logo size for hats and cuffed toques can also be a great logo size for an embroidery placement such as a Left, or Right chest.

Embroidered Patches

Next Environmental Inc.

Embroidered patches are ideal for decorating products that are difficult to get your logo on. We make all sorts of patches! - whether you are adding a logo to high-visibility safety wear, or to retail-oriented products like hats, bags, toques for your store.

Embroidered Patch
Digitally Print Patch on knitted Pom Toque

Printed Patch (Digital CMYK) with Embroidered Edge

NORTHSTONE Real Estate Group

Digitally printed patches are a great option for logos or designs with high colour counts, shades, and gradient effects. These are ideal for logos with fine details at smaller sizes to allow crisp points and line separation.

Woven Sublimated Patches

Nomad Cider

Sublimated Patches are great for finely detailed artwork or if you are looking for a smooth and more flush-to-surface patch.

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